Saturday, May 13, 2017

Take This Lunch and Shove It - Chapter 21 from "In Search of the Wholey Sale"

The debate on whether or not to provide lunches to office personnel rages on.  I’ve done maybe a hundred or more and most have netted nothing.  As a medical sales rep I used to do frequent lunches at all of the orthopaedic resident training programs in my territory all of which netted exactly nothing. 
Let us, however, not throw lunches completely out of the window.  Sometimes they are very worthwhile, but you have to be the judge and prequalify.  A suggestion is to first ask if the prospect might actually be interested in your offering.  That’s not by any means a guarantee, but can be a viable start.
I would definitely advocate lunches, etc. for good customers as a showing of appreciation, but sales reps serving as a catering service is much more often abused than not.
Once I was providing lunch for 8 residents and was running late so I confirmed the number and asked if they could just order and I’ll pay upon arrival.  Soon after my entrance a team of pizza delivery people marched in with a corresponding drop of my jaw. 
They had ordered pizza for the entire medical college and, as luck would have it, there was an ATM machine right there.  I went moderately insane for a brief period and did no more lunches for several years.
A few years ago I made a triumphant return to providing lunches and then remembered why I stopped doing them.  Most of the time nothing good comes from it unless you enjoy wasting time and money and getting annoyed for no apparent reason.
With qualifying lunches comes qualifying customers.  If it’s a good risk then I’ll do it.  If it isn’t or if I’m not sure then I won’t.  If it’s a good customer who I’d like to reward then I will.
The efforts to abuse the sales rep in this regard continue and my usual response is that we have a No Lunches policy for now that may or may not change in the future.  If I’m in a bad mood I might say that my goal is to bring enough revenue into your practice where you’ll be able to finally be able to afford your own lunches.
OK, so I’m a little bitter about this, but the fact remains that it’s usually a terrible idea that will get you nowhere.  You’ll know when it’s a good idea and, in those cases, you’ll serve everyone best by rolling out the red carpet and sparing no expense.  But most of the time you’ll serve best by sparing yourself the expense.
            If you disagree with me you’re not necessarily wrong (and I’m not necessarily always right), but that’s my opinion wrought from years of abuse and I’m sticking with it.

            "In Search of the Wholey Sale" -

Monday, February 20, 2017

BCRR Winter Series Photography Guide

     Here's past events -
     Additional info, including course maps, can be found at .
     All races start at 9AM except for January 1st which is an 11AM start time.

     Camera Settings to Consider:
     - shoot in a small/medium resolution to make uploading to Flickr a lot easier
     - full Auto or the Sport setting if you'd like to keep it really simple
     - 1/500 to 1/800 shutter speed if possible (might require some higher ISO settings depending on the aperture setting) - even up to 1/2000 if it's sunny
     - Center Point Focus (or single point other than center) is normally best
     - AI Servo (or the Nikon equivalent) for photographing motion
     - Back Button Focus if possible (setting up the shutter button for metering only)
     - f/5.6-11 (5.6 for small groups and 11 for large) for group shots or 2.8-4.0 for individuals (if your lens will allow, but your best is great if not) - you might go even smaller than f/11 if it's sunny
     - a wide angle lens can create a great effect at the start or a standard focal length also works (as does a telephoto lens if you can get it all in from a distance)
     - a telephoto lens is often better for during the race to minimize the chance of the runners seeing you - a telephoto lens also creates a more natural look (including at the start if you have enough room)
     - shoot from the ground up whenever possible for more dramatic effect
     - try to scout out location for a nice background, etc. and not into the sun or whited-out sky if at all possible (but sometimes unavoidable)
     - when shooting in the snow a custom white balance might be very helpful (if possible, but not required) along with a +1 to +1 1/2 Exposure Compensation and Spot Metering on the individual runner
     - quality is MUCH better than quantity - it's ideal to try to get at least one good one of everyone, but your best is more than good enough
     - If shooting in the Boat House you might consider a flash, shoot in Manual, first take an "aperture priority" shot of the outside (Spot Metering on the sky or whatever's brightest) and then set the camera to that setting in Manual.  Then do some test shots adjusting the flash if necessary until you get it right.  That way you're setting the camera to the outside and the flash to the subject(s) inside (so that both are nicely exposed).
     - dress appropriately when really cold which includes boots, double socks, long underwear and gloves
     - it's not within anyone's control, but cloudy is enormously better than sunny so if sunny see if you can, if possible, find a shady area to shoot in

     To keep it simple I shoot in JPEG, whip through the pictures as quickly as possible on the computer, delete the ones I don't like (or are unflattering in any way), do zero processing and upload the keepers.

     Uploading Your Pictures:
     1. sign in to BCRR flickr page
     2. click on You and Photostream and then the Upload arrow in the upper right hand corner
     3. upload your photos
     4. click on Albums and then Create New Album on the right hand side
     5. replace "new album" (on the left) with the race name/date
     6. click on each picture individually to highlight while keeping the "Ctrl" key pressed down
     7. once all pictures are highlighted release the "Ctrl" key and drag all pictures upwards into the main body in one swoop (just by dragging any one of those highlighted)
     8. click "SAVE" on the left hand side
     9. let me know that it's done and I'll get the link from the flickr page

     Trusted Professionals who are Part of the Team:

     Jason and Angie Angus  (215) 490-2051
     Matt Coleman  (570) 510-7176

     The 2017/2018 Team:
     Covered Bridge  5K (Dec. 10th)  -  Ken Ross
     Jingle Bell  5.3 (Dec. 17th)  -
     Cham-Pain  5K (Jan. 1st)  -
     Tyler Challenge  10K (Jan. 7th)  - Matt Coleman
     Wild Card (Jan. 14th)  -
     Polar Bear  8 (Jan. 21st) -  Cory Steiner
     Honest Abe  4.6 (Jan. 28th)  - Matt Coleman
     Terrible Tyler  9.3 (Feb. 4th)  -  Michele Szumila
     Pick Your Way  5.3 (Feb. 11th)  -
     The Half (Feb. 18th)  -  Jason and Angie Angus
     Staggered Start  4.6 (Feb. 25th)  -

     My Marine Corps Marathon 10K fundraiser in support of The Travis Manion Foundation -